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TeleVoIPs Hosted VoIP Business Solutions

Enterprise level phone systems are expensive investments, and in the end they always seem to lack the versatility and the features needed by businesses across different industries. Communication is at the heart of every company whether you are receiving calls from clients, contacting vendors, or setting appointments. Having weak or outdated telephony systems could be costing your company more than it is realizes. Using TeleVoips Hosted VoIP Solutions you will not only be significantly saving money off the top on telephony system expenses, but you will be gaining a rich feature set that is guaranteed to improve the way you do business.

VoIP opens doors not previously available to businesses by offering a new level of functionality that previous, obsolete telephone systems simply cannot match.   Features like Follow-Me and Find-Me remote extensions allow mobility of employees; utilizing a high-speed internet connection employees can answer workline calls at remote sites anywhere on Earth. Additional features such as Voicemail to e-mail, Automated Attendant, and Disaster Recovery help to show that TeleVoips is designed to provide the personal attention that can’t be matched by our competitors.


  • Save Money by Reducing Monthly Costs
  • Dynamic VoIP Features for all Industries
  • Support Multiple Locations or Offices
  • Unlimited Local and Long Distance in Domestic 48 States
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Business Continuity
  • Cloud Redundancy
  • Dependability from a Trusted IT Company
  • Free VoIP Consultations

TeleVoips can provide a Hosted VoIP Solution for companies with as little as two employees to over 500 employees and provide significant savings, improved efficiency, increased productivity, as well as absolute ease of use.  In addition, you will have the direct support from locally well-known and trusted IT experts as quick as a phone call away!  

Don't just take our word for it; see what others are saying about TeleVoips and its Tampa VoIP solutions in our testimonials!

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Gulf Coast Commercial is a multisite, thirteen Employee Company in Florida. We were customers of Ring Central. Not only do we have better dedicated service from TeleVoIPs but the transition was seamless and the phone setup was completed by their staff onsite. I used to handle all of the changes t...

Chris Dowd
Gulf Coast Commercial, Tampa, FL